Amber McNiff | Beauty and Fashion Blog: Hair Tutorial: How To Fake a Bob Hairstyle

Hair Tutorial: How To Fake a Bob Hairstyle

11:12 am

What You Will Need:
Hair Grips


Straighten your if it's not already straight.

Section off the top part of your hair and clip it out of the way.

With the bottom half of your hair, french braid it in a line across your head. Plait the hair right down to the bottom and secure it to your head by using hair grips.

Take down the sectioned hair and part it wear you normally wear it.

Gather the hair together and tie a bobble at the end.

Tuck the bobble underneath your hair so you can't see it and secure it in place.

Spread out your hair carefully so it falls like the picture above.

Spray with hairspray.

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