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Hair Tutorial: The Curly Bow

12:15 pm

What You Will Need:

32mm Curling Wand
Heat Protection Spray
Hair Grips
Sectioning Clips (optional)


Section off your hair thats just above your ears. Brush the hair back so that it's nice and smooth and then tie it into a ponytail.

Take a small section off hair and wrap it round the ponytail to hide the bobble. Secure with hair grips.

Take another small section from the ponytail and clip it out of the way as you will need it later on.

Split the ponytail into two pieces. Take one of the pieces and fold it in half. Clip it to your head using hair grips. Make sure you hide the grips as much as possible. Tuck the ends of the hair inside the loop you've just made.

Do the same on the other side.

Take down the small piece you sectioned off earlier. Place it down the middle of the two loops and secure in place. Tuck the ends of the hair into one of the loops.

Spray Heat Protection Spray on the bottom section of hair.

Curl your hair with the 32mm curling wand.

Spray with hairspray.

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