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Hair Tutorial: The Sweet Ponytail

12:46 pm

What You Will Need
Hair Grip
Heat Protection Spray
38mm Barrel/Tong


Part your hair in a side parting.

Section of the section of hair in front of your ears. Tie a bobble in it to keep it separate from the rest.

Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail.

Spray Heat Protection Spray on the ponytail and the side section of hair you sectioned off earlier. Brush both sections of hair.

Curl the ends of your ponytail with the 38mm barrel/tong.

With your hand, twist the ponytail so all the curls go the same way and form a nice, soft curl at the end of your ponytail. 

Spray with hairspray.

Next take the side section of hair and split it into three sections. Curl each section.

Twist the hair together and then sweep it around your ponytail to cover the bobble. Secure with hair grips.

Spray your whole head with hairspray.

Feel free to share pictures of your finished hairstyle on my social sites and remember to give me a follow while you're over there!

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