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Kardashian Kolour Nail Polish Review

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In this article I will be doing a product review on the Kardashian Kolour Nail Polish Sets.

Now I've got two sets, one called the "Sophisti-cuties" and another one called "Celebrities". First, i'll start off with the Celebrities Set.

The first colour in this set is called "All Kendalled Up".

The second colour in this set is called "Kim-pletly In Love". This colour is a really pale pink and it shimmers when the light hits it.

The third colour in this set is called "Sealed with a Kiss". This nail polish is my favourite one out of the whole set as it's a bold, bright, hot pink colour - which I absolutely Love!

The last colour in this set is called "Where Something Spar-kylie". This is also one of my favourite colours as when you have applied a few coats it turns into a hot pink glittery colour.

Moving on to the Sophisti-Cuties Set....... 

The first colour in this set is called "My Empire, My Rules".

The second colour in this set is called "Follow Me On Glitter". This colour is great as its a really sparkly silver nail polish, which goes with about every outfit you could possibly think of!

The third colour in this set is called "Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam". This colour always reminds me of a sea monster for some reason.....

The last colour in this set is called "Hard Kourt Fashionista".

Over the years I have used lots of different brands of nail polishes and also lots of different styles of nail polishes, like glittery ones and non glittery ones, and I must say that the Kardashian Kolour nail polishes are the best ones I have used! This is because the nail polishes stay on my nails for at least a couple of weeks before they start chipping, whereas some nail polishes I have got, I put them on my nails and then they chip two days later. This is quite annoying when you've just got your toes looking perfect, but the good thing with the Kardashian Kolour nail polishes is that you don't have any of this!

When you apply the nail polishes to your nails, they do seem very watery and you do have to give them a couple of coats to really let the colour come through.

Another thing I like about these nail polishes is that each set has a good mixture of colours is them. For example the Celebrities Set is full of girly colours, which I love and I would get the use out of every colour in the set. However, the Sophisti-Cuties Set is full of non- girly colours which somebody who isn't into pinks and sparkles would get the full use out of all the colours. But when you buy some nail sets, they have your girly colours and your dark colours in them and 99% of the time, you don't use all of the nail polishes. So with the Kardashian Kolours sets, you're saving money really as your getting the full use out of the polishes.

I got these nail polish sets as a christmas present so i'm not entirely sure where they were bought from, but I have done some research for you and ASOS sells the sets for £12.95 each. This is a good price as with some nail polish brands you have to pay £11 for a full bottle of nail polish, whereas with these, you're getting four mini nail polishes for a £12.95, which is good!

You can also get the sets cheaper on places like Ebay.

The problem is, because they are an American product, it's hard to find sites that sell them over in the UK.

I would defiantly recommend these nail polishes as I think every girl needs them in her life.

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