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Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Ultragirl Shoe

12:29 pm

Today I will be doing a product review on the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Ultragirl Shoes.
The shoe is made out of a rubbery material, so the shoe itself is quite flexible. However I find these shoes quite uncomfortable because of the hole at the front of the shoe. When you put your foot in, your toes naturally want to come out of the hole which makes walking very uncomfortable.

I also find that the back of the shoe really rubs my foot. Now before you say something like "they need wearing in", I have had these shoes for almost a year!

What I really like about this shoe is the tie dye effect bow at the front. Because the bow is a range of different colours, then the shoe is a completely different colour altogether, the shoes go with a lot of outfits which is very good.

What I have noticed about this shoe is that because of the material it is made out of, it tends to mark quite easily. After a few weeks of having these shoes, scratches appeared on the bow.

So these shoes are £85 to buy but I wouldn't recommend them as I have worn more comfier Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Want to watch the video review of this product?

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