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Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wanting Ballerina Shoes

11:21 am

Today I will be doing a product review on the Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wanting Ballerina Shoes.

 Now I absolutely love these shoes, they are so comfortable! Because they are made of rubber, the shoe is very flexible and it really moulds to your foot, which makes them so comfortable to wear.

These shoes have never rubbed my feet once, which is quite surprising as most shoes tend to rub my feet when I first get them.

What I find with most ballerina shoes is that my toes feel very squashed. However, when I wear these shoes it doesn't happen at all.

If you don't like the grey colour, they also come in other colours too, so don't worry too much if you're not a fan of grey!

You can get these shoes for £85. Some people may think that this is a lot of money to be spending on shoes, but they are worth the money as they are super comfy and they don't mark that easy either!

Want to watch the video review of this product?

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