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XEN-TAN Review

11:54 am

Today I am going to be doing a product review on the XEN-TAN.
This fake tan is a daily self tanner, which means that it gives you a tan gradually. Gradual self tans are great for pale skinned people as they give you a natural tan, rather than the normal fake tan that gives you colour instantly.

My skin is very very pale and I don't like being this pale, which is why I wanted to start wearing fake tan. My mum bought me fake tan ages ago, and over the years I have used lots of different brands of fake tan. The problem I have with fake tan is because my skin is really funny, it doesn't take well to tan and leaves me with patches all over my face. However, with the XEN-TAN, I don't have this problem as it doesn't go patchy. I have finally found a tan that works with my skin!

The only problem with this tan is because it's really oily and greasy, it causes spots to appear on your face. I recommend that you use this tan every other day and if your spots get really bad, to have a break from using this tan until your skin is under control again.

Apart from that, this tan is absolutely amazing and it goes on well too. I am going to do another tutorial showing you how to apply fake tan if you are a beginner, so keep an eye out for it.

You can buy this tan from ASOS for £16 and I would recommend it to all the girls out there.

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