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My Birthday Weekend

2:11 pm

As you know it was my 15th birthday on Saturday, so I thought I would do an article telling you all what I got up to over the weekend.
On the Saturday (the day of my birthday) I woke up and opened my presents and cards. I had actually asked for money, so I wasn't expecting any presents.

 My dog Posh got me a pair of chocolate shoes from Thorntons, but I've eaten them, so no picture....

I also got some money transferred into my bank account so I could go shopping and buy whatever I liked.
Once we were ready, we headed into Leeds City Centre to do some shopping! Below is what I bought with my money.

I decided to spend some of my birthday money on a Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch to go in my handbag. I now have all the Louis Vuitton things I need for my bag, so I can start collecting other items from Louis Vuitton.

From Accessorize I bought some bits of statement jewellery - which included 4 sets of bangles and a long gold necklac

From here I bought three pairs of jeans. Topshop is the only high-street store where I will buy jeans from as they fit so nicely unlike other high-street shop jeans. I also bought a graffiti print pencil skirt and a black tank top to go with it. The lady on the till gave me a free canvas Topshop bag and a note book.

I don't normally buy things from Office and I only went in because they had some Ted Baker flip-flops that I wanted for my holidays, this year, in the window.

So the story of why I went in here is because before I went shopping I saw some lovely Nike Blazer's on JD's website, so I went in JD to buy them. One of the staff in JD had the trainers on I wanted so we asked a guy who worked their for them and he said they don't sell that colour (even though they are on their website) and to go to Foot Locker. So off we went.

That was all I bought from Leeds as I had lost track of how much money was left in my bank and the cash machine wasn't working. Although when I got home I looked on my online banking and I still have some money left to spend....... this means another shopping trip whooo!

This is where my birthday cake was from. It was lovely but sickly after a while. I can report that it is all gone.....

For my tea that night, my mum made us all what we call a "Party Tea". It's basically like a small buffet of bits of food we like, and we have it every time it's one of our birthdays.

On Sunday we went to the Aagrah Restaurant, my favourite place to eat in the whole entire world! It is an Indian restaurant for those of you who haven't been. I totally recommend it!

Did I mention that this was the first time in 15 years that it has been snowy on my birthday?

So that was what I got up to on my birthday weekend. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I will be doing reviews and fashion articles on all the things I bought, so look out for them!

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