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Hair Tutorial: The Three Twist Ponytail

1:42 pm

What You Will Need:
Hair Grips
Hair Accessory (eg. flower, bow)


Using your comb, section off one side of hair. The opposite side is where your ponytail will fall, so keep this in mind when choosing which side to section off. Use a bobble or clip to keep the hair separate.

Tie the remaining hair into a side ponytail.

Take a section of hair from the side piece and twist it down to the ponytail. Secure in place with a hair grip. Wrap the ends of the hair around the bobble and secure again with grips.

Section off another piece of hair and do the same thing.

Repeat the step with the final section of hair.

Take a flower or bow hair accessory and clip it in place in front of your bobble.

Hairspray and then you're good to go!

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