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Hair Tutorial: Nicky Clarke's Compact Roller Tutorial

5:17 pm

What You Will Need:
Nicky Clarke's Compact Rollers
Tail End Comb
Sectioning Clips
Heat Protection Spray


Turn the rollers on and wait for the light in the middle of one of the red rollers to turn white.

Spray Heat Protection spray all over your hair and then comb it through.

Part your hair just above your ears, then clip the top layer out of the way using sectioning clips.

Take a piece of hair that's no bigger than the width of your roller, then place the roller at the top of the hair, underneath it. Pull the roller down the hair, then roll it back up the hair. Use one of the metal grips you got with the rollers to secure it in place.

Repeat the last step until all of the bottom layer of hair is rolled up.

At this point you should have used up all of the red rollers, so you will need to place the black rollers on the stand and wait for the light to go white again.

Take down the sectioned off hair and part it where you want your parting to go.

Place the black rollers in the hair like you did before. Leave the rollers in for 30mins-1hour depending on how thick your hair is.

Take out the rollers staring with the red ones first.

Loosen the curls with your fingers, then spray with hairspray.

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