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No7 Colour Match Service Review

2:20 pm

Today I'm going to be doing a review on the No7 Colour Match Service. If you would prefer to watch the video of this review, then scroll to the bottom of this post.

So just in case you are not familiar with No7, it is a makeup brand that is exclusive to Boots. I decided to try out the colour match service as I was currently using a No7 tinted moisturiser and I didn't like the finish of it and I wanted something that would give me more coverage.

A couple of weeks ago now, I went into a Boots store and asked for the Colour Match Service at the No7 counter. The nice lady told me to take a seat on a stool and she went and got the machine. Before she did anything else she asked me whether I had any makeup on. I didn't as I knew I was coming for the colour match service, so I just had minimal makeup on.

The lady then placed the machine on my jaw line, near my ear, on both sides. It made two beep noises and then that was it, it was really quick and easy. She asked me questions about what type of finish and coverage I wanted, before going off to get my foundation.

It turned out that I was the lightest shade, which is Calico. I knew I'd probably be the lightest shade as I am really pale!

Once the lady had come back with my foundation, she applied it onto my cheeks from a tester bottle of the same foundation, so I could make sure it was right for me. She then asked me if I wanted it applying to the rest of my face. Of course I said yes, I'd look a bit silly with foundation just on my cheeks!

The Lady also asked me if I wanted her to apply some blusher onto my face as well, I said no because I didn't want any on, but I thought it was good service especially as the colour match service is free. The only price you have to pay is the price of the foundation, which was £12.95 in my case.

I was very surprised when the lady told me not to buy the foundation today and to wait until I had seen the colour progress, as normally sales people are really pushy and want you to buy things there and then. However, I still went and bought the foundation as I wanted it that day.

Just to let you know, I will be doing a separate review on the actual foundation. This review is purely on the Colour Match Service itself. I just wanted to make that clear.

So overall, I would defiantly recommend this service as it really takes the stress out of having to find the right colour to suit your skin. I should of really taken notice of the lady's name who served me, so I could put it in my review. What I do remember about her was that she could hardly talk as she was loosing her voice. So, if you work in the Leeds Boots store and you was loosing your voice around the end March, then you're the person who served me!

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