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Hair Tutorial: How To Hide Your Fringe/Bangs

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Knowing what to do with your hair when you have a fringe you don't like or want is the worse thing ever. Whether you are growing out your fringe or you just want to wear it back for a change, these section of quick styles will suit you perfectly. 

1: The Twist Braid


To create this braid you simply twist sections of hair back and then secure the end with a hair grip.

2: The Same Side Plait


With a tail comb, draw a line from the top of your head down to the back of your ear. This is the hair you will plait.

Take a small section from the large section of hair and split it into three pieces.

Begin to french plait the hair, but only take sections of hair from the front.

Secure the end with an elastic.

3: Braided Headband

The Braided Headband can work for both side fringes and full fringes. If you have a full fringe, depending on how short the hair is depends on how far you will be able to pull the hair back.

Click here to see how to create the braided headband 3 different ways.

4: Snake Braid

The Snake Braid will work best on a longer side fringe and is a more interesting way to hide your fringe.


Take your fringe and plait it all the way to the bottom. 

When you get to the bottom, take the right piece of hair and pull it over to the left piece of hair. You now have only two sections. 

Pull the right section of hair upwards. The hair will start to gather.

Once it has all gathered up, pull the hair out as far as you like and secure with an elastic or hair grip.

5: Sweeping Fringe

This idea is different to the rest as instead of plaiting your fringe out of the way, you could curl it backwards so that it blends in more with the rest of your hair. This tutorial works best on a longer fringe and looks better when the hairs in a middle parting.

6: Quiff


Take the front section of hair and backcomb it. If your hair's fine, you can use a dust or powder product to help it backcomb.

Spray the backcombed hair with hairspray.

Pull the hair back down and smooth the top layer.

Pull the hair into a quiff shape and secure with hair grips.

7: Accessories

If you want something even simpler, you could clip your fringe back, then add hair accessories such as bows or flowers to hide the clips.

So there your are, a few simple hair ideas to hide your fringe. I hope this post helped you and feel free to share photos of your hairstyle on my social sites. Remember to give me a follow while you're there!

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