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Hair Tutorial: Snake Braid

1:56 pm

What You Will Need:

Hair Grips


Using the comb, section off a piece of hair where you want the plait to go.

Plait the section of hair right down to the bottom. 

When you get to the bottom, take the left strand of hair and pull it over the middle piece into the right section of hair. Now you should have only two strands of hair. 

Hold the left strand tightly, then use the right strand to push the hair up. You should see the hair gather up.

Carefully pull the hair back apart as far as you like to reveal the snake braid.

Secure the braid in place with hair grips.

Spray with hairspray

Feel free to share pictures of your finished snake braid on any of my social sites!

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  1. hi dear! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your answer your it doesn't wash out, as the directions on the paint suggested I waited 72 hrs, in addition I turned the pants inside out and I didn't put it in the dryer..hope this helps :)

  2. Lovely work, Thanks for sharing! x


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