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I'm Back! | Coral Sea Aqua Club Resort Review & Video

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As you all know I have just got back from my holiday to Egypt. This is the second time we have stopped in the Coral Sea Resort, so I thought I'd do a review on it. Around a month before we flew out, the hotel changed hands from First Choice to Thomson, so obviously some changes have been made which I will mention later on.


I've started off with this category first as it's the biggest change we noticed when we arrived. All the entertainment staff from last year have gone and have been replaced with new people, who I have to say, are rubbish compared to the old entertainment staff!

Last year the pool side entertainment started at around 10am and it was great as the staff would be dancing and singing and trying to get you involved in all the activities throughout the day. This year, the pool side entertainment doesn't start until around 11-12 o'clock and they no longer sing and dance and have a laugh with you.

Although, this year there is a lot of entertainment for young children and the night time entertainment, also known as "Tea Time Live" is purely aimed for them. Which is good if you have young kids, but not for me as a teenager or adults.


It was great to see some of the remaining staff from last year still working at the hotel. We was shocked that some of them actually remembered our names seen as it was a year ago since we last came! A quick 'shout out' to some of our favourite staff at the hotel, Mahmoud Sweedan, (who has been given a well deserved promotion from poolside to reception...well done you!), Adel, Hisham and the waiter in the picture below (I can't remember his name, sorry!) .

I don't really have anything bad to say about the staff as they are all really friendly and helpful.


I'm not going to say much about the food as everyone likes different things. They have an Asian and American restaurant in the hotel which you can go to once a week free of charge by using your vouchers. If you want to go more times you have to pay. I enjoyed the Asian restaurant best out of those two. There's a buffet for your breakfast, dinner and evening meals and they also have a barbecue outside. We noticed that the choice of food on the buffet had improved from last year.

Our Room

Our room was at the top of the block of rooms, which I didn't like as you felt like you was dying walking up all those stairs in the red hot heat! The view from our balcony was nice though, you could see all of the resort. The room itself was clean and was loads bigger than the room we stopped in last year. The only problem was me and my sister were left to sleep on "sofas" which were rock hard!

The Resort Itself

The resort has lots of water slides, pools and other fun things to do. I didn't go on the water slides, but my sister loved them! The hotel is perfectly safe, there are life guards all over and you can only get in and out of the hotel one way, which has security on the door.

The hotel's taxi service is great, the man was on time both picking us up and taking us to where we wanted to go. He also asked us what music we wanted to listen to, English or Egyptian, which was nice of him.

The hotel's spa has improved from our last visit and is loads better.

The Thompson reps are really friendly and were very helpful when we asked them questions.

So overall we had a good time here at the Coral Sea Aqua Club and it is a really nice place to stay. However in my opinion, the entertainment needs sorting so that it caters for everyone and not just the kids!

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  1. Great review lovely! It sounds lovely and perfect for me, because I don't need tons of entertainment when I'm on holiday, I need only sun and rest haha! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  2. That place looks lovely! I wish I could go abroad this year =(

    I am from Leeds too, whee!

    Corinne x

    1. It was and yay aha :)

      Would you like to follow each other on GFC?


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