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Lily Cole Helps Save The Rainforest

10:18 am

Model Lily Cole has designed a range of jewellery made from wild Amazon rainforest rubber to help save a billion trees in the Amazon rainforest.

After being approached by Sky Rainforest Rescue, Lily flew out to Acre to meet the villagers and was fascinated by the whole rubber tapping process.

She designed all the jewellery herself and all of the profits are going to Sky and WWF to support their work on saving trees. The jewellery line starts at £10 and is sold on the Stylistpick website.

Picture From Vogue

Each different item of jewellery comes in the same selection of colours which is great, as you can match everything.

Picture From Vogue

Not many people are keen on rubber jewellery and some may even think it's more for kids, but the great thing about this collection of jewellery is that it looks so expensive and classy.

Picture From Vogue

If you are wanting to get your hands on some of this jewellery you best be quick as some of the items are already sold out!

I like the navy colour best, which ones are you loving? 

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