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Celeb News | Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston & Kelly Brooke

10:12 am

Rihanna's New Do

Picture from Instagram

It's out with the old and in with the new as Rihanna ditches her blonde/ginger hair.
Rihanna showed off her new grey/black hair colour, or as Rihanna calls it "#brrr", in the early hours of this morning (England time) when she posted pictures of it on her Instagram page. 

Personally I liked her previous hair colour best as I think this shade of black may age her a little. But knowing Rihanna it's probably going to be an upcoming trend! 

What do you think of her new colour?

Jennifer Aniston's Brunette Bob

Picture from E online

Jennifer Aniston has also got a new look going on. She was pictured on set of a new movie she's in with a brunette bob. Don't worry though, it's just a wig!

I think the wig really suits her and I think she should get it done like that for real. 

What are your opinions on her wig? 

Celebs Go Crazy For Sheet Face Masks

Kelly Brook
Picture from Instagram 

Sheet face masks are the new beauty treatment trend at the minute and celebrities including Rita Ora, Demi Moore and Kelly Brooke are going crazy for them. 

Kelly Brooke posted a picture on her Instagram page of her having this treatment done in the car on her way to work! 

So you're probably wondering "what are they?". Well Sheet Face Masks were reported to be a big trend in Asia earlier this year and they are supposed to trap in all the ingredients  into your skin, forcing them to absorb and seal in the moisture. 

Have you had a Sheet Face Mask Treatment? What are your views?

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