Amber McNiff | Beauty and Fashion Blog: Hair Tutorial: Kat Graham Bet Awards Inspired Hair

Hair Tutorial: Kat Graham Bet Awards Inspired Hair

3:59 pm

What You Will Need:

 32mm Curling Wand
 Heat Protection or Curl Hold Spray


Spray the heat protection or curl hold spray all over your hair, then comb it through.
 Section off your hair just above your ears and clip it out of the way using sectioning clips.
 Curl all of your hair with the 32mm curling wand. Make sure you start curling the hair half way down, don't curl all the way to the roots of the hair. When you get to the top layer of hair, part your hair at the side.

 Run your fingers gently through your hair.
 Spray with hairspray.

And there you go, the finished look!

Feel free to share pictures of your finished look on my social sites. Remember to follow while you're there!

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