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Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

9:27 am

Today I'm going to be doing a review on the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. If you would prefer to watch the video of this review, then scroll to the bottom of this post.

First of all I'm going to talk about the things I liked about this product. The first thing I liked was the design of the brush. I liked how the pink part was hard, but then the black end was like a rubbery soft material. I also thought that making the tips of the brush white was a nice design feature too.

This brush is so soft! The first thing I do when I get a new brush is rub it on my face to see how soft it is. This one is incredibly soft. Another thing I like about the design of the brush is how they have written the name of the brush on one side and then the designer/brand on the other side.

I have deep cleaned this brush a few times since I bought it now, and by deep cleaned I mean wash it with shampoo, and the brush hairs don't fall out or loose their shape which is really good as you know the brush has been put together well.

I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation and it does a really good job as it works the product into your skin, making it look really natural.

I only had two 'faults' with this brush, one being that it's really hard to clean. You can't just clean it with a brush cleanser each time you've used the brush because it doesn't get all the product off. To properly clean it, it needs deep cleaning which isn't good if you haven't got time. The last point is that I didn't like the back of the packaging it came in, I think it let the product down in terms of layout and design.

This product is £11.99 from Boots or $10 from the Real Techniques shop if you're American. So overall I would recommend this makeup brush. It looks expensive, it isn't expensive and it does a good job. What's not to love?

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