Amber McNiff | Beauty and Fashion Blog: ** HD BROWS Blusher, Contour Brush & Brow Beater Review **

** HD BROWS Blusher, Contour Brush & Brow Beater Review **

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Recently I got sent some products from HD BROWS to review, so I thought I'd do that in todays post. I've also filmed a video of this review, so if you would prefer to watch that then click here.

As this product has been sent to me you may want to check out my Disclaimer Page.
All the products came really nicely packaged in a HD BROWS bag, which also had in two books. One was a curriculum and the other one had information about the HD BROW Treatment. If you haven't been on planet earth recently and you're wondering what HD BROWS is, then I shall tell you. Basically it's a seven step treatment which includes things like waxing, threading and tinting in order to create the perfect brow shape. I have had HD BROWS done and I would recommend it, but I won't go too much into that.

I really like the design of everything, especially the books. I liked how there is a big picture of the left side and then text on the right. Everything is laid out nicely too and it isn't all clumped together, which makes it look more expensive. I also like how the logo really stands out on all the boxes the products come in.

Blusher - £17.95

This shade is called "Blusher 2" and it's a nice build-able colour which would suit most skin tones. It has a little shimmer to it, which is good as I hate face products that make you look like you've poured a whole tub of glitter on your face! This product comes with a sponge, however I prefer to use brushes, but it is good for traveling if you don't want to carry around your brushes.
The blusher comes with a protective seal on the top, but be careful when pealing it off as I pulled it off really fast and some of the writing came with it.The colour does start to fade near the end of the day, so If you were going out at night you would have to reapply it, but it's not that much of a problem.

Brow Beater £14.95

The Brow Beater is basically an eyebrow gel with a fancy name. The gel is clear, which is good as you don't have to find a colour that matches your eyebrows. The brush is just like a curvy mascara wand and it doesn't get clogged up.

Personally I rely on eyebrow gels as I think it's important to keep your eyebrows looking good as they make your face. Out of all the other brow gels I've used this one is by far the best, as it keeps them in place all day without having to re-apply it.

Contour Brush- £14.95

This contour brush hasn't got much of an angle too it compared to other contour brushes, but it works just as good and fits nicely into the hollows of my cheeks. The bristles of this brush are so soft! It has "High Definition Brows" written on the side of the brush, but it doesn't say what the brush is for/called which I quite like brushes to have, but never mind.
This brush comes with a protective wrap on the bottom of the brush and a separate one for the bristles, which is handy for when you store your brushes. It cleans really well with a cleanser, but does loose a hair or two when you deep clean it.
Overall I would recommend all of the above products. I hope you liked this review and feel free to comment your opinions below.

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