Amber McNiff | Beauty and Fashion Blog: Hair Tutorial: The Half Updo Bun

Hair Tutorial: The Half Updo Bun

9:26 am

What You Will Need:
Hair Grips
Curling wand/tong (optional)
Heat Protection Spray (optional)


Section off the top layer of hair and brush it so the hair is nice and smooth.

Make a bun by either twisting the hair into a bun shape, or by using a small bun ring if your hair is long. Secure in place with a bobble and hair grips.

With the remaining hair you can either leave it straight or curl it with a curling wand. Remember to spray heat protection spray first if you decide to curl it. 

Spray your finished hair with hairspray.

Feel free to share pictures of your finished look on any of my social sites. Remember to give me a follow while you're there!

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