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MAC Eyeshadows & Pro Palette Review

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I recently started my first job (which is very exciting I know!) and with my first wages I decided to treat myself to my very own MAC Palette and Eyeshadows. 

MAC has so many different shades of eyeshadows I didn't know which ones to pick! So with the help of a lovely lady on the MAC counter in Harvey Nichols, I chose the colours Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Twinks and Vanilla - which I knew I wanted to get as I've heard lots of makeup artists recommend it. 

As I've said loads of times before, I really like the design of all the MAC products and I love purchasing their products. The only bad point about the design of the quad palette is that the clear top cover doesn't keep very clean. What would have been good is if the eyeshadows had a protective sheet over the top of them.

The good thing about the palettes is that they come in a variety of sizes. They have one with space for just two eyeshadows, a quad one, one that fits 15 and one that fits 30!

The eyeshadows blend really well and are build-able colours, which is good as you can keep it soft in the day time but then make the colours a bit more darker in the evening. All the colours I chose have a shimmer to them as I think they suit me better than matte ones. The eyeshadows last all day without needing to be re-applied, but they would probably need touching up if you where to go out at night. 

As I said earlier I got Vanilla because lots of makeup artists said it is good for highliting the brow bone, but I also use it in the tear duct.

Naked Lunch
This colour is a neutral/nude colour. I like to use this as a base colour as it's the lightest brown I chose and doesn't seem to have as much shimmer to it as the other colours do.

All That Glitters
This is another colour that most people with MAC Palettes go for. I use this in the crease and also in the corners of my eyes when I want a simple look and when I don't use Twinks. All That Glitters is a gold/brown colour with a nice amount of shimmer.

I was going to just buy light colours, but I decided to go for a darker colour so I can mix my looks up a bit and maybe save this colour for a smokey eye when I'm going somewhere special. 

So... brace's time for me to tell you the prices.

Eyeshadows £10 each
Quad Palette £6.50

Which means I spent £46.50 - which in my opinion is money well spent and I do plan on getting more MAC Palettes in the future. I'm also going to be doing my everyday makeup tutorial using these eyeshadows, which will be coming up in the next couple of weeks, so watch out for that!

Do you have a MAC Palette? What eyeshadows have you got?

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