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Illamasqua Rubber Brights Nail Polish Review

8:55 am

Illamasqua's Rubber Brights collection consists of four colours: purple, blue, green and pink. Each nail polish is matte, however I'm not really a fan of matte nail polishes, in fact this is the only one I own! 

This nail polish looks really funky when it's applied as it's nice and bright and really stands out. It would look super nice if you had all the colours and applied a different one to each finger! 

On the back of the bottle it says that the nail polish doesn't chip, however it's just like any other nail polish and chips the same day. Also, you need to apply very thin layers of nail polish, otherwise it goes streaky. The nail in my pictures above needed four coats of nail polish before the colour started to be bold and stand out. Other than that it's a great nail polish.

Overall I would recommend this nail polish to anyone who likes to be different. You can buy it from Illamasqua for £14.50
Do you have any of the Rubber Brights Collection?

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