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MAC Ample Pink Plushglass Review

6:59 am

Ample Pink is the first neutral colour out of MAC's collection of lip glosses I own. I wanted a lipgloss that wasn't too glittery and that was neutral so I could wear it for work.  Ample Pink does the job and does it really well. 

In the tube the colour looks quite pink and purply, but once it's on, it's just like applying a clear lipgloss to your lips as it only has a slight hint of colour. This means it would suite anyone no matter what your skin tone is.

When you apply the plushglass to your lips, it makes them tingle slightly and they also appear more plumped. However this Plushglass is quite sticky, but on the plus side, it doesn't come off without a fight. It even defeats makeup wipes!

Overall I would recommend this Plushglass as it is a really pretty colour and complements any makeup look. You can buy this Plushglass for £17.50 from MAC

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