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Marc by Marc Jacobs Stardust Metallic iPhone 5 Case Review

8:51 am

I needed a new case for my iPhone, so I decided to treat myself to a designer one. I loved the colours and pattern of this Marc Jacobs one, so I decided to buy it.

The phone case looked really pretty once it was on, but you could tell that the case was just wrapped in gold foil, as there were bumps where the foil had not been placed properly all around the sides of the case. It also felt very thin unlike my previous apple case, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.

After having the case for two weeks, it was already chipped, cracked and needed replacing. Please bare in mind that my previous apple case had lasted me since December 2012. I wasn't happy, especially as I couldn't return it back to the shop as the return date had gone.

Overall I would not recommend this phone case. It's a waste of £30 and I didn't expect such bad quality from such a big brand. It's actually put me off buying anything from Marc Jacobs again. 
Have you tried this case? What did you think to it?

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  1. I bought a Marc Jacobs metallic case as well, spent 50 AUD on it plus shipping, and waited weeks for it. Finally put it on my phone and was disappointed to find that there was a white mark down the side where it was not painted on, and after about 3 days it was already chipping. The quality of the actual case seems quite strong, but the chipping of the metallic is not what I would have expected from MJ. Disappointing!!

    1. I feel the same, I expected a higher quality product from something that costs as much as it does and is from a big brand such as Marc Jacobs. I think a phone case from a market stall would of lasted me longer! Marc Jacobs defiantly need to do something about it.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


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