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Millie Mackintosh Verbier False Lashes Review

9:25 am

If you're a fan of Millie Mackintosh, you've probably heard that she has just brought out another set of lashes with Nouveau Lashes. I couldn't wait to try them out, so yesterday I went and picked some up.

I thought the lashes looked great before I'd even put them on! I love the silvery bits on the packaging. 

These lashes are corner lashes, which made me want to try them out even more as I've never worn corner lashes, only the full strip ones. You get two pairs of lashes in each box, which I think is really good as they don't seem to be anymore expensive compared to other brands where you only get one pair of lashes in a box.

The lashes are super easy to apply and stick really well with the adhesive you get with them. They stayed on all day without lifting! They can be used for everyday or night-time as they are nice and subtle, not too over the top.

Here are my Before and After pictures.

So overall I love these lashes and I would recommend them to any false lash lover. You can buy these lashes from Nouveau Lashes for just £8.99. 

Have you tried Millie's Lashes yet?

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