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My MAC Makeover Experiance

9:55 am

I recently went to MAC in Harvey Nichols, Leeds, to have my makeup done as a little treat. My mum bought me a £50 gift card, which you can use to spend on any of the products used on you in the makeover. I already own some MAC products, but it was really nice to be able to try out new ones and have somebody else teach me how to apply each thing.

As I had a £50 gift card, I got an hour and half makeup lesson, which was done by the lovely Katy. She asked me questions about my skin and how I like it, plus what look I wanted her to do. Katy was really nice and gave me tips all the way through.

The thing I liked most about the makeover was that I got to do one side of my face (this was optional). I thought this was good as I could watch how Katy was doing it, then try it myself and she was there to tell me where I was going wrong.

So here's my before and after pictures.

I would of never chosen those eyeshadow colours, but they actually look really nice! Once she had finished my makeup, she wrote it all down on a face chart so I knew what products she had used and also the colours. 

I loved everything Katy used on me and I wanted to buy the whole shop! I chose to buy four products, which meant that I had spent the £50 gift card and also £13 extra. I bought a new Mascara, one of the purple eyeshadows she used, a paint pot base for my eyes, and a 217 blending brush. Eventually I will purchase everything on the face chart above.

I really enjoyed having my makeup done and I would defiantly recommend it to any MAC fans. 

Have you ever had your makeup done by MAC before?

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