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Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy Nail Treatment Review

8:13 am

My nails grew very soft and always split when they grew due to wearing false nails. I wanted to try and get them strong again, so before I started to use the Leighton Denny Nail Treatment, I used this Nail Tek one.

I followed the instructions of how to use this nail treatment for around a year without fail and I didn't see any change in the state of my nails. They were still soft and peeling. Although this nail treatment doesn't give a time slot as to how long it takes for your nails to be strong again, I thought after a year I should see some progress. After a further few months, I decided to stop using it as it wasn't making any difference what so ever. 

The only good point I have about this Nail Treatment is that it makes a great topcoat before it turns sticky!

Overall I would not recommend this Nail Treatment.

Have you ever tried the Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy Nail Treatment?
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  1. Very helpful article!! Women are always concerned about their nails. I give my nails a makeover with Sakare's nail treatments and am very satisfied with the results.


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