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Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor Review

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I've been using this razor for a few years now and I don't think I'd ever swap to a different brand, as it's by far the best razor on the market. The Venus Spa Breeze has a variety of different things you can buy for it, so in todays post I'm going to be reviewing them all.

First of all, you need to buy the actual razor. This comes in two different packs, one with a case (like in the first picture) and one with a holder that sticks on the wall. Both packs come with two replacement heads. This costs £9.99.

Once you have used all the replacement heads, you then need to buy refills. You can buy these in either a pack of four, which is £9.99, or a pack of eight, which is £18.99.

The Venus Razor currently has three different types of it out on the market. There's the pink one, the purple one and the Venus and Olay one. Each pack is compatible with each razor, so you can try out a new razor head without having to buy the same colour razor. The main difference between them all is there scents, although they are all made with different ingredients. 

This razor doesn't need a shaving cream. To use it you just run it under the tap so that the gel bars get wet and then you just shave away. I think this is really good as you don't have the mess of using shaving cream.

The first one I tried and loved was the pink razor head, which smells of white tea. This razor made my skin feel lovely and soft after use and it didn't make them dry either. I shave quite a lot as my hair grows back really quickly, so one razor head only lasts me around a week and a half. 

I then tried the purple razor. This too felt nice on my skin while I was using it, but the ingredients in the gel bar didn't like my skin and covered my legs in little red spots. Once I started using the pink razor head again, they went away. 

The packaging that the replacement heads come in is worth keeping to store your razor head in while you're not using it as they get quite sticky when wet.

The only bad thing I have to say about this razor is that the refills are quite expensive, especially when you use them as often as I do. 

Overall I would recommend this razor to any girl out there. My only advice would be to stick to the pink razor heads if you have sensitive skin. You can buy this razor in most stores like Boots, Superdrug and your local supermarket. 

Have you tried the Venus Spa Breeze Razor?

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  1. Shaving is one of the common way of remove our unwanted hair. After read your review I am interested to buy this razor. It has a nice head I think it will make more comfortable the shaving.


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