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Babyliss Curl Secret Review

8:54 am

The Babyliss Curl Secret has become my new best friend. It's my favourite curler out of all the ones I've used - and trust me, I've used a lot! However this curler is not just any old curler, it sucks your hair in all by itself! All you have to do is section off a piece of hair and hold the curler, which speeds up your hair curling time by loads. With a curling wand it used to take me 30-50 minutes to curl my hair. But with the curl secret it only takes me 20 minutes!

The Babyliss Curl Secret has two heat settings and three timer settings. Babyliss say to use the first heat setting if you have coloured or fine hair and the second one for thicker hair. Normally I use the highest heat setting on all my curlers, but I decided to try the first heat setting as I've recently had highlights in. I was really surprised as my hair curled  really well and stayed in for two days! 

The timer settings are for different types of curls. Eight seconds creates loose waves, ten seconds creates soft curls and twelve seconds creates tight curls. Obviously this also depends on how much hair you put in the curler as to how curly your hair is. As soon as the curler has sucked your hair up, it will beep for the whole time it's curling and then fast beep once it has finished. I think this is really good as you don't have to guess when your hair is curled.

At Boots, the Babyliss Curl Secret costs £119, which may seem a lot, until you add up the cost of each individual curling wand you would have to buy to create every curl/style you can create with the curl secret. 

I absolutely love the Babyliss Curl Secret and I would recommend it to anyone as it's really easy to use and doesn't take long either. Plus it's my favourite colour, purple!

Have you got a Curl Secret? 

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  1. Do you have any pictures on you hair ?

    1. I haven't took any pictures, I should of done really. Next time I curl my hair I will take a photo and put it up.


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