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Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist & Hydrating Body Lotion Gift Set Review

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Victoria's Secret isn't the first lingerie shop to bring out their own beauty products and fragrance as many others have done it already, like Ann Summers for example. I wouldn't normally buy fragrance from lingerie shops as it normally looks tacky or smells horrible. However, I received this gift set for Christmas and I was really surprised as it's actually really nice!

  In the gift set you get three different fragrances and the body lotions to match. Each product was totally fine on my skin and never irritated me. Each perfumes smell lasts all day as they are all very strong smelling. The body lotions also smell quite a lot, but they leave your legs feeling smooth and lovely once the lotion has soaked into your skin. 

Such A Flirt is the first fragrance in this set and I've actually put this in my handbag as its plastic bottle means it won't smash and spill everywhere. This fragrance is a more calmer smell out of the three in my opinion. It smells very flowery and is made from a mix of White Orchid and Starfruit.

The next fragrance is Love Spell. Love Spell is made from a mix of Cherry Blossom and Peach and has a vibrant, but refreshing, smell of fruit. It's also my favourite colour, purple!

Pure Seduction is the last fragrance and is made from a mix of Red Plum and Freesia. This has to be my favourite smell out of all three as it has a strong smell of strawberries. I love it!

Overall this is a lovely gift idea for anyone who loves fruity scents. Please remember that Victoria's Secret is an American based brand and does not yet have a UK online site. If you're from the UK and you want to buy this gift set, you can go into your nearest Victoria's Secret store. 
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