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Vivienne Westwood Black Divine Ballerina Shoe Review

10:18 am

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I'm a lover of Vivienne Westwood shoes. For Christmas I got another pair which I will be reviewing today for you.

This pair of shoes is the newest version of the Divine Ballerinas. As you will notice the orb on the front of the shoe is all one colour, where as on the old version it was made up of different colours. I prefer the new orb to the old one as I think all one colour makes the shoe look more expensive.

The Divine Ballerinas are made from rubber, like most Vivienne Westwood Shoes. This is great as the shoe moulds to my foot and never rubs me, which means they are really comfy. Another good point about the shoes being rubber is that rubber is really easy to wipe clean and you don't need any polish unlike leather shoes. However the downside is when the weathers hot your feet will sweat and slip right out of your shoes. 

This is the first pair of Vivienne Westwood's I have had where you have got a free Vivienne Westwood drawstring bag to store your shoes in. I think this is a nice little touch.

Overall I would recommend these shoes as they are super comfy, pretty and come in a variety of colours. What's not to love? You can buy these shoes from the official Vivienne Westwood Shop for £85.

Do you own the Vivienne Westwood Divine Ballerina Shoes?
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