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ghd Paddle Brush, Comb and Natural Bristle Radial Brush Review

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I've been wanting some ghd Brushes for ages, but they were just one of them things I never got round to buying. I received the Paddle Brush, Comb and Natural Bristle Radial Brush as stocking fillers for Christmas and I was excited to try them out.
The one thing I love the most about the ghd brushes/combs is their design. I like how they are all completely black apart from the metal bit at the end which says "ghd" on. This makes them look expensive and different to any other brushes. I also like the design of the boxes they come in. I think having the box go off at an angle to the side instead of being rectangle is a funky idea. Another great thing about the box is that it has a picture of the brush on the back so you know what it will look like. This is a nice touch. 

All of the brushes are made from hard plastic which has a rubbery finish. This is great for stopping the brushes slipping out of your hand easily.
Paddle Brush £20

The Paddle Brush is quite big which makes brushing my long hair quick and easy. It fits comfortably into my hand and isn't hard on my head at all. The Paddle Brush doesn't seem to need cleaning very often, but when it does the hairs come out very easily. The brush also dries quickly when wet. The only bad thing I would say about this brush is that it's quite heavy. Paddle Brushes are great to use when you're blowdrying hair straight.

Tail Comb £7.50

The Tail Comb is Carbon Anti-Static which means you can comb your hair as many times as you like without it making your hair stand up. The combs fine teeth enables you to backcomb hair easily and detangle small knots that a normal comb or brush would miss. I use the Tail Comb mostly for sectioning hair.

Natural Bristle Radial Brush £17.50

This Radial Brush is a size 1, which is a 28mm barrel. ghd say that the size one 1 great for using on shorter hair, but I use it on my long hair and it works ok. This natural bristle brush is great for blowdrying hair as the brush doesn't heat up as much as a ceramic brush does, which means your hair doesn't get as damaged. The Radial Brush is easy to clean, but unlike the Paddle Brush, it seems to collect a lot of hairs. As the brush has natural bristles, putting hair up is less painful as the brush is soft on your head. The only downside is that it doesn't feel like it grips the hair very well compared to a ceramic brush.

Overall I would definatly recommend the ghd Paddle Brush and Comb, and the Natural Bristle Brush for blowdrying hair. They are great brushes/combs and everyone needs one!
What do you think to the ghd Brushes?

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