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Michael Kors MK5727 Watch Review

9:10 am

This Michael Kors rose gold plated watch is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Big chunky watches are totally on trend right now, but the perfect watch can be hard to find if you have thin wrists like me. After trying a few watches on this one was the perfect size for me.

I like how the watch face design is kept quite simple and hasn't got a pattern on it. I've never used the three mini timers that are on the watch face, but they look fancy and make the watch look more expensive. Another thing that I think is a nice touch is having the date on there. I'm always forgetting what day it is, never mind the date so it's nice to be able to just glance down at it. 

I've had my watch since christmas 2013 and it hasn't got any scratches on apart from a couple on the back of the watch face, which does't bother me as you can't see them. Like all metal watches fingerprints do show up, but they are soon gone after rubbing the watch on your clothes or a piece of fabric. The Michael Kors watch comes with a guarantee and full instructions on how to set the time, date and use the mini timers. 

Overall I would recommend you buying this watch as it's so lovely! You can buy it from Goldsmiths for £259 which isn't a bad price for such a nice watch. I do recommend that you go in store to buy the watch rather than order online, as they can fit the watch to you and take out any links that are needed for free. It only takes a couple of minutes and it means you can wear it straight away!

Have you got a Michael Kors Watch?
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  1. love this, I have yet to purchase myself one and this looks amazing <3 such a good investment as well for a long lasting all around stylish watch :)


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