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Elemis Fresh Skin Essentials Kit Review

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Fresh Skin by Elemis is a range of products that are specially designed for teenage skin.  In the Elemis Fresh Skin Essentials Kit you get a Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash 30ml, the Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 30ml, a pack of makeup wipes and a Fresh Skin shopper bag. 

I love the design of the Fresh Skin products as they are clean and simple, but still look attractive to teenagers at the same time. I also love the purply pinky colour they have used as it is nice and bright and bold.

I am now going to review each product individually. 

Elemis Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash

This face wash is the best one I have used so far. It leaves your skin feeling lovely, fresh and clean. You apply it on damp skin and then I like to leave it a couple of minutes before washing it off. You can really tell a difference after using this face wash as it makes your skin glow naturally, while fighting any spots. It doesn't make the skin feel dry like most face washes do, but you still need to use a moisturiser. 

You only need a little bit of the face wash as it goes a long way. The 30ml you get in the kit lasted me two weeks, however if you buy the full sized one (100ml) once the 30ml has run out, it can last you up to one year!

Below is a picture of the 100ml Face Wash which costs just £12 from Feel Unique.

Elemis Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 

This Moisturiser works really well on your skin. I have really dry skin at the moment and I have defiantly noticed a difference since using this product. It soaks into your skin in a matter of seconds, leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Unlike other moisturisers you are fine to use this product every day if you want as it doesn't bring you out in spots. I love it! 

The 30ml one you get in the kit lasted me two weeks, but if you buy the full sized one (50ml) once the 30ml has run out, it can last you up to one year as well! 

Below is a picture of the 50ml moisturiser which can be bought from Feel Unique for only £20.

Elemis Makeup Wipes

Out of all three products, the makeup wipes was the product that disappointed me the most. They seemed to dry up quickly while using them and I could only get just about half of my face done with one wipe, which was quite annoying. However they didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I wouldn't really recommend buying these separately. 

Overall I would defiantly recommend buying the Elemis Fresh Skin Essentials Kit as it's a nice introduction the the brand if you haven't used it before and it also makes a nice gift. You can buy it from ASOS for £20. I would also recommend buying the moisturiser and face wash separately if you are not too bothered about the kit, as they are really great products for teenage skin. 

Have you tried any Elemis Products?
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  1. I love Elemis so I think I'd try the face scrub! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this kit :) Your blog is so pretty, btw!

  2. for me cleansing wipes are not good. I always feel that something stay on my face and i hate this feeling, but another of your products sound good :)


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