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O.P.I Top This Nail Polish Set Review

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The Opi Top This Nail Polish Set is really good as you get a glossy top coat, a matte top coat and a glitter top coat, which is all you really need. The nail polish brushes are just the right size and enables you to paint your nails quick and easy with no problems. 
I quite like the design of the box the nail polishes come in, especially the quilted part. I also like how it says what it is on the front of the bottle and also the name of the polish underneath.

Opi Glossy Top Coat
The glossy top coat goes on really well when applied and leaves your nails with a lovely glossy shine. It is great to wear over nail polishes or just by itself after a manicure. The only problem I have with this top coat is that it takes for ever to dry. This tends to put me off using it as I hate waiting for polish to dry, never mind one that takes longer than usual. This top coat doesn't really prevent chipping as it chipped the same day on my finger nails.

Opi Matte Top Coat
The Matte Top Coat has become my favourite out of the set. It looks really funky when applied and leaves your nails with a velvety feel. It's also great as it dries within seconds and you can tell when it's completely dry as your nails will have turned matte. The only problem with a matte top coat is that you have to make sure you cover ever bit of the polish, otherwise you will see bits of gloss. I did notice that my nail polish stayed on longer using this top coat.

Opi Snowflakes in the Air
Snowflakes in the Air has a mixture of different sized pieces of glitter. So far this is the best glitter top coat I have tried as the glitter spreads evenly and doesn't clog up in certain areas. It's best to wear this top coat over a coloured nail polish as it looks bare just by itself. The only problem with this top coat is that because the glitters are different sizes, sometimes you can get all small glitters, then just one big one. 

Overall I would recommend the O.P.I Top This Nail Polish Set as it has a good variety of top coats in it. You can purchase it from Nail Polish Direct for £22.99 which isn't a bad price.

Which is your favourite top coat?
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