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Ted Baker iPhone 5 Case Review

9:00 am

After not having much look with the Marc Jacobs iPhone case, which I reviewed here, I decided to try out this Ted Baker one. I love the design of the packaging the phone case comes in as it's bright and eye catching. It also reminds me a little bit of summer as it has mini watermelons all over it. 

The Ted Baker iPhone case is made from a black rubber, which is good as it protects the phone, but doesn't chip like a hard case would. The phone case is plain apart from a pink and silver bow and the Ted Baker logo on the back. I quite like the fact it hasn't really got much on it as it looks nice and smart. 

I've had this phone case since December 2013 and It still looks brand new. The logo on the back hasn't scratched off and the rubber is still in a good condition. The only problem I have with this phone case is because it's made of black rubber, muck and finger prints show up quickly so it needs wiping quite often. 

Overall I would recommend the Ted Baker iPhone 5 Case as it's a lovely long lasting phone case. Van Mildert have currently sold out of the black one, but they have the pink one in stock. Keeping checking their site though, as it might come back in stock. Both colours as £19 which isn't a bad price.

Do you like the Ted Baker iPhone 5 Case?

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  1. cute iphone case! love the sweet pink bow <3

    Check out my latest Spring inspo post! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog


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