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MAC Haux Eyeshadow Review

9:00 am

MAC Haux Eyeshadow is a satin brown colour that has a rosy tint to it. It is a lovely colour to wear either by itself, or to pair with a darker colour like MAC Shadowy Lady, to create a smokey eye. Haux is a buildable colour so you can make it as bold or as soft as you like. 

Haux stays on all day without loosing any depth, which is really good. It is also one of those colours that would suit most skin tones and also pair well with a wide range of shades.

I would recommend purchasing the MAC Haux Eyeshadow as it's a lovely colour and one that you defiantly need in your collection! You can purchase it in a MAC Pro Pallet form, like in the pictures above, for £10 or in a normal eyeshadow case for £12

What's your favourite MAC Eyeshadow?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! :) The Orb color look awesome.

  2. Haux looks like such a beautiful colour
    Daniella x



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