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Coronation Street Tour Review

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On Friday 30th May I went to the Coronation Street Tour, in Manchester, with my family. We had such an amazing time and I thought It would be nice to share some photos for people who are thinking about booking. 

When we arrived at the tour we had to show are tickets to one of the staff, and then we could hang around outside or visit the Crews Kitchen for a snack until it was time for our tour. We had booked on the 4:30pm tour, so when it was time, we was given a backstage pass each and then we had a guided tour around the inside sets by one of the staff called Paul. There were roughly around 25 people on our tour. The guided tour lasted around 50 minutes and you got to see all of the inside sets, the dressing rooms, some of the characters outfits and much more. You were not allowed to take photos at this point, but you could get a professional photo done in the Rovers Returns.

Once the tour was over, we were lead out of the doors of Nick's Bistro and onto the street. We could then wonder around and take as many photos as we liked. Once you were finished looking round, you were free to leave.  

Here are some of the photos we took. 

In the Medical Centre there was a small gift shop and the Roy and Haley Snowman/woman. This is were we picked up our photo from the Rovers Return. 

I had such a lovely time at the Coronation Street Tour and the guide told us lots of facts and information about filming the show and the cast. I would defiantly recommend booking tickets as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Tickets cost £15 for children and £16.50 for adults, which isn't a bad price. To book your tickets head over to Ticket Master.
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