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Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum Review

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The Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum is a serum for straight hair that makes it "Sparkle like Diamonds". It has E and A vitamins in it, which means your hair will get nourished while you are styling it. You can use the serum on both wet and dry hair, but I find that you can only use a very small amount, as it does make your hair look greasy, even though it says it doesn't on the bottle. 

After using the Poker Straight Shine Serum, I did think my hair looked more shiny and healthy. I also noticed that when I use the product after straightening my hair, it stops my long hair becoming static throughout the day. 

I love the packaging on all of Lee Stafford's products. The bright pink makes the range stand out and it makes you want to go have a look at it. I also like how the words "Lee" are written on the back of the bottle, in a font that looks like he has actually wrote it. I think this adds a nice personal touch. The barcode looks really funky too. I like how it's not in black like most barcodes are. 

Overall the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum is a lovely product to finish your hair off with. You can purchase it from Boots for £7.99.

Have you tried any of Lee Stafford's Poker Straight Range?

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  1. Nice! I didn't know about this brand x

    1. Hi, they sell Lee Stafford at Target in the USA if you were thinking about buying it :)

  2. pink pink pink - i genuinely think this is the best thing about the brand hahahhha - this product works well with my hair as well :) x

    1. Me too haha! Thanks for leaving a comment :) x

  3. Oh, I have the heat protectant from this brand but havent looked any further into getting more of their products since. This will definitely be a must try/have though! Great post! xx


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