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Mel by Melissa Strawberry Bow Pumps Review

9:00 am

I bought the Mel by Melissa Strawberry Bow Pumps to wear for work, as they look smart and are all black. My sister also had the same pair to wear for school. However we did not have a good experience with these shoes and we ended up having to buy a completely different pair of shoes.

The Strawberry Bow Pumps come in black, red and white. They are made from rubber, which makes them really easy to clean, and they feature a large bow on the front of the shoe. 

With the shoes being made entirely of rubber, when your feet get warm they slip right out of the shoe, which isn't very practical especially when you work in a salon like me or go to a busy high school. On one of my sisters shoes, one of the bows actually broke off, which tells me these shoes aren't very high quality. Although, the shoes did mould to my feet and didn't rub them, which was a bonus.

I would not recommend the Mel by Melissa Strawberry Bow Pumps as they are not worth the £30 they cost to buy. I was quite disappointed with my experience with these shoes as normally I love Melissa shoes.

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  1. These are so cute xx

  2. really nice pumps :)


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