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Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash Review

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A couple of months ago I was contacted by a company called Nexus, who wanted to know if I would like to try out the Dentyl Active Mouthwash. Of course I said yes, as I love to try out new products. They sent me two different flavours - fresh clove and smooth mint.

First of all, I love the fact that this mouthwash has two different colours. It's so cool! I love the pink and blue colours best as they stand out more than the green and blue. I also like the shape of the bottle as it's something a little bit different to what you normally see. 

Before using the mouthwash, you have to shake the bottle to mix the two colours together. You then fill the cap up half way and pour it into your mouth. On the back of the bottle it says to rise for 30 seconds, and then gargle. The fact that you have to shake the two colours together is a great way to make children want to use the mouthwash. After using both flavours, my mouth felt fresh and clean and stayed that way until I had my dinner. I must admit that I prefer the Fresh Clove Flavour as the mint one seems to make me pull a funny face after spitting it out! 

The thing I like most about this product is that it isn't too strong and it isn't too weak. It's a nice in between that doesn't sting your mouth unlike most mouthwashes. One bottle of mouthwash lasted me and my three other family members around a month, which is really good.
Overall the Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash is a great mouthwash and I will defiantly be buying it when my two bottles run out. You can buy this amazing product from Boots for just £3.15, which is a great price! You can find the Fresh Clove one here, and the Smooth Mint one here

Have you tried Dentyl Active before?
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  1. Ahaha this is so random,but I was def looking for mouthwashes to keep my retainer in. I think ill try these out.

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from

    1. Yes you should, it's a really good mouthwash and will sure keep your retainer smelling fresh!


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