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MAC Prep and Prime Beauty Balm Review

9:00 am

MAC's Prep and Prime Beauty Balm is such a lovely all round product! I love the glittery black design of the prep and prime products, I think it really makes the range stand out. The velvet cap is also a nice change from the plastic ones.

MAC's beauty balm feels nice and silkily soft on your skin. It blends really well and you only need to use a little bit, as a little goes a long way. The beauty balm lasts all day on your skin and comes off easily with a makeup wipe. It has SPF 35, which is good as your skin gets a little protection from the sun.  

The shade "dark" is actually my mum's colour and would only suit darker skin. However MAC also have eight other shades for you to choose from.

In comparison with a MAC Foundation, I found that the beauty balm was much better. Unlike my foundation, the beauty balm felt a lot lighter on my skin, as if I wasn't wearing any. You also use half the amount you would normally use with a foundation. It also has a creamier texture, which means it doesn't show dry skin up as much as a foundation would. 

Overall I would recommend the MAC Prep and Prime Beauty Balm as it is a great product. You can purchase it from any MAC Counter for £23/$30, which isn't a bad price!

Have you ever tried a Beauty Balm?

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