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Elegant Touch Express False Nails Review

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Elegant Touch is my favourite nail brand when it comes to false nails, which is why I was really excited to try out their new express nails. However I was quiet disappointed with them and I will not be buying them again.

I normally buy the original Elegant Touch nails that come with glue for you to glue them on, and I love them. However the express nails already have a sticky back applied to them, which makes applying the nails a lot less messier and also faster, hence the name "Express". In the box you get a nail prep wipe, which comes in handy for removing any polish. 

When I was applying the nails I found that the sizes were too big for my nails, which was very surprising as elegant touch nails normally fit great. Once the nails were all applied and I started to do everyday jobs, the nails started to prang off. The sticky back just wasn't sticky enough. They didn't even last half a day! I was very disappointed as I had paid £7.99 for them!

On the front of the box it says that they were seen at London Fashion Week, however the models are simply walking down a catwalk, so they are obviously going to stay on their nails and look great. But for normal people they are no good and I would not recommend them. 

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