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JML Hot Buns Hair Styling Kit Review and Tutorial

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 When I normally buy hair kits I never seen to be very impressed with them, because they either break or not actually work. However this "Hot Buns" kit by JML has really impressed me and I would recommend it to everyone!

Hot buns is a great kit for people who struggle to apply a bun ring or for people who just want a more faster alternative. In the box you get a large Velcro roll and a small Velcro roll. As you can see in the pictures above, my small Velcro roll has had the ends cut off. In case you are wondering, I had used this as padding for a French twist, as I never used the smaller size! Both rolls are easy to apply and stay in all day without the need of around 100 hair grips that miss normally use when I'm applying my bun ring (slight exaggeration there).

The great thing about the kit is that you get two different sizes, which means it will suit both medium and long length hair. They also come in different colours, so you can match it with your hair. Once the roll is applied, you cannot see any of it, which is brilliant. The roll fastens with a press stud, and It has an elastic on the end, which you can use to make the bun more secure.

Below is a mini tutorial on how to apply them.

Overall I think the Hot Buns Bun Maker is such a good invention. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the elastic, that you are supposed to wrap around the bun, can snap very easily. However this is not a major problem as I find you don't actually need it. You can buy this hair kit from Debenhams for £9.99.

Have you tried the Hot Buns kit before?

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