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Juicy Couture Pave Heart and Flower Necklace Review

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While in New York back in March, celebrating my 16th Birthday, I visited the Juicy Couture shop where I found this gorgeous necklace. It came in two versions, one with white flowers and the other with multi coloured flowers. I preferred the white version as the multi coloured one looked a little cheap. After a little debating with myself whether or not to buy it, I eventually did, and I'm so glad I did too!

The Juicy Couture Pave Heart and Flower Necklace has a chunky gold chain which has little which flowers on every other link. It fastens with a toggle, which has the words 'Juicy Couture' engraved around it. There is then a heart which is covered in silver dimantes, white flowers in the corners and Juicy Couture written on a scroll type banner. It is such a lovely necklace that goes with pretty much every outfit. 

I love the little details on this necklace, like the small crowns on the ends of the toggle. The only problem I have with the necklace is it tends to flip the opposite way if you don't fasten the toggle in a certain way. Other than that it is a gorgeous, high quality piece of jewellery. 

Some people may not want to buy this necklace in case the dimantes fall off, however I have this necklace for over four months and I've worn it mostly all of the time and it still looks brand new.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this necklace anywhere on the internet (apart from sites selling fake Juicy Couture, which I refuse to link to). Although, if you go into the Juicy Couture shop, they may still have them in there. I bought this necklace for $78. 

Do you own any Juicy Couture Jewellery?

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