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Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation Review

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When sorting out my product review box a few months ago, I realised that I had not yet reviewed my sample of the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation. Before I start reviewing the actual product, I just want to take some time to praise the design of the bottle the foundation comes in. Like nothing I have seem before, this foundation has an eye dropper instead of a pump or a twisty lid. This is the best idea ever, as because the eye dropper only gives you small amounts at a time, it means you don't waste any of the product by putting too much on. Genius! 

Moving onto the foundation itself, I couldn't find anywhere on the bottle or box that told me what shade the foundation was, which I was a little unhappy about. However after doing some online research, I think the sample is the shade 04. In MAC foundations I am the shade NW13. This foundation is slightly warmer than NW13, but very similar. I found that the 04 shade actually suits me better than the NW13 shade. 

Unlike any other foundation I have tried before, the Maestro foundation is extremely light. It goes on like water, except it feels dry. You can't tell you have it on, it's great! The downside to this though is that it doesn't give you much coverage because it's so thin. The Maestro foundation doesn't sink into any wrinkles or lines on your skin, which means it's great for people of all ages to wear. It gives your skin a nice natural look, with a matte finish. It also stays on your skin all day, but comes off easily with makeup remover wipes.

The only reason stopping me from going out and replacing my current MAC foundation with the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation is the price of it. It costs £39, which is very expensive for a foundation. It is worth every penny though and I do really love this foundation and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Whats your favourite foundation?

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