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How To Get Your Damaged Hair Back On Track

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Damaged hair is a very common problem that can be caused by over colouring your hair or by using heat appliances.  Once the damage is done it can be hard to repair your hair, but eventually with a few helpful tips and tricks, you can have it looking better in no time!

Damaged hair causes your cuticle on your hair shaft to stick up, instead of laying flat. This results in the hair being dry and weak. If you take a strand of hair and run your finger and thumb all the way up the strand, you will feel tiny little bumps. These bumps are your hair’s cuticles sticking up. The more bumps you have, the more damaged your hair is.  Another way of finding out how damaged your hair is, is to take a strand of hair and hold the end of the hair with one finger and about two inches up hold the hair with your other finger. Pull the hair like you would with an elastic band. The more the hair bounces back, the better condition it is in. This is called the elasticity test and will be carried out on damaged hair before a hairdresser applies colour to it.

To get your hair back on track again there are a few things you can do. First of all it would be a good idea to stop colouring your hair as much as you have been doing. Only colour it if you really have to. Over colouring your hair will eventually cause your hair to snap off, which makes the situation even worse. It’s also a good idea to get all the split ends cut off your hair if you can. This will help improve the appearance of your hair for the time being.

Heat appliances like straighteners, curling wands and hairdryers all help damage your hair because of the high temperature of heat being applied. You must always use a heat protection product first before using any heat appliances on your hair. Some of my favourite heat protection products are the GHD Heat Protection Spray, Kerastase Cement Thermique and the Sassoon Heat ShapeIt’s also best to cut down on the amount of heat you are applying to your hair. Limit yourself to only use a heat appliance once a week or just when you are going out, as your hair will never repair itself if it is having a high temperature of heat applied to it everyday.

There are hundreds of products out their on the market that claim to make damaged hair get back to normal, but most of them don’t actually work. If you really want your hair to improve fast, you are best going for a more high-end shampoo, conditioner and mask. If you don’t use a mask already, then it’s a good idea to start. A mask is a deep conditioning product for your hair that helps to add moisture and makes your hair stronger. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a good mask to invest in as it really repairs your hair and you will notice an improvement in just a month. However, whatever mask you choose to buy, you need to apply it at least once a week and leave it on for the minimum of five minutes, otherwise it won’t have time to really soak into your hair. When you go to the hairdressers, most good hairdressers will offer you a treatment while you are having your hair shampooed. Always say yes to this if you can, even though there is normally a small charge, as this will also help your hair by adding more moisture to it.

As well as looking at the wet products you are using, it’s also a good idea to check your styling products too. To help improve the dryness of your hair, it’s best to purchase an oil. You can apply oils while your hair is wet and dry, but remember to still use a protection spray, as an oil by itself wont protect your hair from the heat. By using an oil, your hair will become more moisturised and shinier, which makes it appear to be healthier than what it is. I like to use the Kerastase Elixir Oil.

Think of your damaged hair as if it was glass. If you pull at it and be rough with it, it will break. That’s why you should never brush your hair when it’s wet and use a comb or tangle teaser instead. Also be careful when you are tying it up that your bobbles not too tight and you aren’t putting too much pressure on your hair by pulling it back really tightly.

Being gentle with your hair, looking after it properly and using the right products is the perfect recipe for healthier hair. There’s no time like the present to start the process of getting your hair back in better condition!
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  1. Thanks, I was told to use 'argon oil', any experience with that?

    1. In my opinion, any type of oil is good for your hair because it's really moisturising. I haven't actually tried argon oil myself though.

  2. Great tips. Your hair looks amazing by the way xx


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