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Fast Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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My Mum purchased the fast shampoo and conditioner for us to use purely because it has no sulphates in it. Sulphate is a cheap chemical that companies put in shampoos to make it lather up and bubble, so you think that your hair is getting really clean. The problem with sulphate is that it is very harsh on our delicate hair and scalp, and as we age, our hair finds it harder to handle it. This shampoo and conditioner is supposed to be designed to strengthen your hair, make it healthy and make it grow a little faster than usual. 

We have both been using the fast shampoo and conditioner for around 2 months and we both feel the same way about it. Neither of us have noticed any difference in our hair growth or how strong it is, which is quite disappointing. We also noticed that the shampoo still foamed up when we applied it to our hair, which was a little confusing as it is supposed to be sulphate free.

If you read my reviews a lot, you will know I always like to comment on the design/packaging of the product. When looking at the fast logo, it reminds me a little of the word art tool on the programme Microsoft Word. For the price they charge for the product, I would of thought the design of the product would be a little better. 

Overall I would not recommend the Fast Shampoo and Conditioner as I didn't notice any results when using this product. It costs £30 for both the shampoo and conditioner, which feels like a lot of money for something that shows no real improvement to my hair. 
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