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Vivienne Westwood Logo Wool Scarf Review

9:00 am

This Vivienne Westwood scarf is the perfect accessory for autumn/winter. It is made from wool, which is nice and soft and keeps your neck lovely and warm. It is an off white colour with the Vivienne Westwood logo embroidered onto it. The scarf is finished with tassels on the end, which adds a nice touch to the minimal design. 

Although some people may be put off buying white accessories because they tend to get dirty quick, this scarf is the perfect colour to go with any winter coat. Whether it's a parker or a mac, this scarf will compliment it. The only bad thing I have to say about this scarf is that it would be nicer if it was a bit longer. This is because when you wear it in a certain way (last picture), it feels like it is strangling you and the scarf looks like it's too short, unless you tuck it into your coat that is. 

Overall I would recommend this scarf as it is super comfy, totally on trend and very good quality. So go on, treat yourself. You can purchase the Vivienne Westwood Logo Scarf from House of Fraser for £55. 

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