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Davina McCall Vinyl Dumbbell Set Review

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After deciding it was time to get fit and tone up, I bought myself the Davina McCall Vinyl Dumbbell set to use at home when I was doing my exercises. This set is great for beginners as it has three different weights, 0.68kg, 1.13kg and 2.3kg, which are all manageable for someone who is a beginner at using weights. Each dumbbell is a different colour. The green one is the lowest weight, the pink one is the middle weight and the blue one is the heaviest out of the three. You can start by using the green dumbbell and work your way up to the blue one over time.
I love the design of the dumbbells and how each one has the Davina McCall signature on them. I also like how the colours are nice and bright and look attractive to make you want to use them. The only problem I have with the design of the dumbbells is that the black band around them tends to come loose and fall off.

I would defiantly recommend buying the Davina McCall set if you are a beginner to using weights or you just want something that you can use a home. However If you are a professional or you already lift weights, you are better off buying another set, as the weights in this set may be too light for you. You can purchase the Davina McCall Vinyl Dumbbell Set from Argos for £14.99, which isn't a bad price.

Have you tried any Davina McCall fitness products?

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